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Electric Hydrogen Cars Honda Clarity, Toyota Mirai, Nikola One Truck

Electric Hydrogen Cars Honda Clarity, Toyota Mirai, Nikola One Truck

2017 Honda Clarity $369/m Electric Hydrogen Car Supply an average household seven days

Are you thinking about leasing the Honda Clarify Fuel Cell Hydrogen Electric Car? Honda Hydrogen Electric has now revealed that the vehicle will cost $369/m and 36 months. The first plan was USD500 so a great deal; a new plan for the 2017 year is now much better than before.

Signed the Honda Clarity Hydrogen Electric, customers, will have to prepareUSD2499 when customers sign up for the Honda Hydrogen Electric Car lease. The Clarity Hydrogen Electric will be available at 12 of the fuel cell hydrogen-electric car dealers, that Honda has in the countries across of the world. Currently in Southern California is six, in Bay Area is five and in Sacramento one.

Honda Hydrogen Electric Fuel Cell is not the only keeping things low as well. Toyota has also announced that its customers can now lease the Toyota Mirai for only $349 a month this year.



Free Electricity from a Vehicle: Easy to Use, Portable External Power Output Device

Vehicles powered by electricity, such as fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) can store, or generate, significant amounts of electricity. By utilizing this electricity, vehicles can act as a “power source on wheels” in various situations.
By connecting Honda’s Power Exporter 9000 portable external power output device to vehicles equipped with external power output, various electrical equipment (up to 9kVA) can be powered. Connected to the Clarity Fuel Cell, the Power Exporter 9000 can supply enough electricity to power an average home for approximately seven days.
Vehicles Direct Current (DC) Output electricity, which cannot be used to power supply household electrical equipment, which is requiring AC  alternating current electricity. The vehicle’s DC must be converted to AC. Power Exporter 9000 is the interface that enables vehicles and electrical equipment to “get connected"

Honda Hydrogen Electric Overview

Honda Power Exporter 9000 is powered by vehicles equipped with external power DC output. After confirming the vehicle is ready to output electricity, the car is to connect to the Honda Power Exporter 9000, which is switched to position ON. Honda Hydrogen Electric Power Exporter 9000 is communicating with the car, and once ready draws DC electricity from the car, converted to AC outputted power electricity which can be used to power supply household customers' electrical devices. The Honda Hydrogen Electric Power Exporter 9000 can output both AC100V and AC200V simultaneously, powering a wide range of user devices- from low-load electronics such as smartphones to high-load appliances such as lights and heating...

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