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HHO ECC Machines carbon cleaning

Does your car have any following problems?

Car Engine Jitter Excessive Exhaust Difficulty In Cold Start-Up Increase in Fuel Consumption

The above problems appeared mostly due to the accumulation of carbon in the car engine. Most cars have those problems, no matter diesel or gasoline engines, so it is really an exciting business opportunity! This business opportunity comes from one of our inventions: engine carbon the cleaning machine. In the field of car maintenance, it is also called carbon removal machine, engine decarbonizing treatment, decarbonization machine, engine carbon remover, carbon cleaning system, HHO carbon cleaning machine, etc.

How does it work?

The hydrogen-oxygen carbon removal machine is a machine that utilizes hydrogen-oxygen gas’ catalytic characteristics, the combustion-supporting characteristics, the high-temperature characteristics and hydrogen, and oxygen flame to generate water characteristics of the car engine internal cylinder carbon removal machine.
1. Principle of gas production
Hydrogen and oxygen-carbon removal machine uses water as raw material, electrification water decomposition into hydrogen and oxygen, hydrogen as raw material,  assists combustion with oxygen, through the intake into the car engine, with gasoline, air mixed combustion. The mixture of hydrogen and oxygen acts as a catalyst for gasoline combustion.
2. Principle of carbon removal
The hydrogen-oxygen carbon removal machine by electrolytic method to extract the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water, the formation of hydrogen and oxygen mixture gas flow, and through the engine intake manifold input engine combustion chamber, after Brown gas is filled in the engine combustion chamber, the ignition is ignited,  and the hydrogen-oxygen catalytic principle is applied. Brown gas characteristics such as the principle of oxy-enriched combustion completely and completely remove the carbon deposit of the engine, and finally discharge from the exhaust pipe, and will not cause any damage to the engine, which is a qualitative fly-by in the field of automobile maintenance.

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