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Introducing our All-In-One, Low Smoke, Odorless, Plug-N-Play HHO Kit! Experience Active Engine Carbon Cleaning, Fuel Savings of 20-36%, and No Installation Required!

Our pre-installed HHO kit is the perfect solution for a quick and hassle-free upgrade to your vehicle. In just 5 minutes and 3 easy steps, witness improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions effortlessly.

The HHO Factory LTD's HHO kit is designed for cars, vans, and SUVs with engine capacities ranging from 0.2L to 3L. Our PREDATOR ADVANCED iX HHO kits offer optimal performance, featuring fuel saving 5-7 watts for a thermodynamically compliant fuel-saving solution.

For the best engine performance, we strongly recommend combining the iX HHO Kit with our NEW HHO REF and HHO CHIP 1, 2 and 3. Enhance your vehicle's fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and save money with our easy-to-use HHO kit.

Upgrade your vehicle today with our Plug-N-Play, pre-installed HHO kit and experience the difference! Perfect for eBay sales, our attractive offering will capture the attention of those looking to improve their vehicle's performance and save on fuel costs.

We strongly recommend our NEW HHO REF for optimal results.

Learn more about HHO Videos | F.A.Q.

Unrivalled benefits of the HHO iX-CELL with PWM.

  • 10 Years warranty on HHO generator;
  • All HHO Kits are Plug-N-Play Pre-installed; 
  • Ready to use in 5 minutes; 
  • No Required To Install; 
  • HHO generator with 2V low energy 5 iX-cells PWM for 12V-24V; 
  • Build-in HHO generator + Water tank + level sensor + Bubbler; 
  • No need for an antifreeze solution until -60°C+50°C
  • All User-Friendly.
  • It is calibrated for thermodynamic law!
  • No bumper installation is required, 
  • The HHO X-cell is the thinnest and smallest HHO KIT, 
  • All-In-One, Plug N 'Play ever made in Ireland EU by HHO FACTORY, 
  • Brand new 2V PWM, CELTIC TIGER uses maximum KOH, 
  • Auto power ON HHO X-Cell when the engine is running; 
  • Set a delay of auto Relay control after engine ON is detected; 
  • Auto power OFF HHO X-Cell when the engine is turned OFF;  
  • Heavy-duty aluminium waterproof case with Plug-N-Play; 
  • PWM is automatically running on maximum current and KOH - this is not possible with another PWM and type of Dry Cell HHO generator; 
  • You feel free and without limits, without overheating, without overload, 
  • The new X-Cell HHO kits are suitable for tropical heat up to 50°C, 
  • It does not need an antifreeze mixture down to -60°C. 
  • 60ml of water is for 36h or 3600km with 15-22 watts of Low Smoke and Odorless Carbon Cleaning. Maximal fuel saving with 5-7 watts is for 72 hours or 7200km.

HHO kit Description:  

  • HHO 1x4 iX-Cells: HH - Cathodes, O + Anodes, no need for neutral plates; 
  • Energy consumption 1-22W; 
  • HHO production up to 0.9-4.8LPH; 
  • Water Refuelling approx. 6000-2000km or nonstop production every 60 hours; 
  • Dimension: Width 145 x High 115 x Deep 33 mm; 
  • Operating voltage - Only 2.0V converted from  12V/24V/36V; 
  • Electrodes producing area – Stainless Steel 316L; 
  • Durable composite body used in sports cars up to 230°C peaks (No plastic); 
  • Fitting material: durable brass, nickel surface; 
  • Working temperature -40°C +50°C

List of parts for version Plug-N-Play All-In-One:
Version 1:

  • 1x HHO Generator low energy four iX-Cells waterproof Plug-N-Play pre-installed built-in; 
  • 1x Water Tank - waterproof Plug-N-Play, pre-installed built-in; 
  • 1x Internal Bubbler - waterproof Plug-N-Play, pre-installed built-in; 
  • 1x External bubbler 350ml; 
  • 1x Water level sensor - waterproof Plug-N-Play, pre-installed built-in; 
  • 1x PWM 2V-12V/24V/36V Celtic Tiger, efficiency ratio 5MLPM:1WATT; 
  • 1x Start/Stop Relay with voltage detection 20A with menu and two buttons; 
  • 1x Battery twin cable double-wall +/- waterproof Plug-N-Play; 
  • 1x Fuse holder waterproof with rings; 
  • 1x Fuse; 
  • 1x Cap plug Nylon; 
  • 1x Elbow push in 1/4" ID 8mm for air-intake; 
  • 1x Straight push in 1/4" ID 8mm treated High-quality Stainless Steel 316;
  • 1x Elbow fitting in 1/4" OD 6mm treated plastic; 
  • 1x Clear Pneumatic Teflon pipe 2m between bubbler built-in HHO kit and Second bubbler;
  • 1x Syringe 100ml;
  • 1x Potassium hydroxide KOH 90% electrolyte 100g enough for one year; 

NEW* from 01-APR-2023.

For achieving the best results, we recommend using an HHO Kit with REF to reduce engine friction, together with an HHO chip.

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