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REF diesel for HHO generator kits Reduce engine friction for Cars Boats Tractors

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Say Goodbye to Engine Friction with REF! Unlock greater fuel efficiency and power as cover tubes emitting neutral ions (used in space programs) reduce engine friction for you. Embrace the latest performance and savings technology with a smile!

HHO REF Reducing engine friction, alternator fuel injection enhancer, Ready to use.

What is the function of the tubes?

The function of the tubes is to emit negative ions converted from the infrared radiation of the engine and forcibly reduce the fuel flowing through it, making the fuel molecules smaller, thereby increasing combustion efficiency and increasing engine power. Also, this phenomenon reduces friction in engine parts such as the fuel filter, fuel pressure pump, and injectors, and in the battery, allowing the electrons to rearrange themselves to reduce impedance and make the current flow smoother - no fuel lines are cut or altered - no magnets!

HHO REF offers a unique design that increases your car's power and drastically reduces fuel efficiency and emissions. The accelerated fuel molecules and alternator relief help your vehicle to perform better than ever. You'll be able to pull away quickly in the hills and feel confident that your car is getting the most out of every drop of fuel.

Adding lead sheets will increase the effects of REF rubber. It increases the engine compression ratio. This means that, at the same rotational speed (RPM), a vehicle can accelerate from 60-100 km/h faster than before.

Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engines don’t rely on spark plugs to ignite the fuel as they have a much higher compression ratio - typically 8:1 to 12:1 for a gasoline engine while 14:1 to 25:1 for diesel engines.
This greatly increases the efficiency of diesel engines and reduces emissions due to less fuel being wasted in incomplete combustion processes. The higher compression ratio also enables diesel engines to operate at much hotter temperatures without pre-heating and helps reduce wear on their components, leading to longer service life.

The new REF for HHO KIT+HHO CHIP 1, 2 or 3 is a great way to improve your car. It can help you save money on gas and is straightforward to install. The HHO FACTORY LTD team is committed to providing the best possible customer service, and we guarantee you'll be happy with your purchase.

The new structure of REF is an energy noble ore material mixed with rubber with 20-30 years lifespan (No magnets!). REF is essential for all HHO kits with the new corn biomass and ethanol fuel additives in diesel and gasoline to get the best result in engine optimization—new benefits of 5-15% better performance and fuel economy.

REF tubes accelerate fuel molecules and reduce the load on the alternator, wearing engine parts by killing the internal electrostatic field. The bonus of combining REF with HHO gas is maximum fuel economy and reduced emissions. Achieving a new level of maximum power, with the help of getting rid of unwanted alternator load and electrostatic charge from tires and old cables, gives cars new dynamics from 900rpm, mainly in cities.

HHO FACTORY LTD guarantees that the new REF for HHO KIT+HHO CHIP 1, 2 or 3 will change how people think about their cars.

Everything remains original. The engine dynamics have been greatly improved!

With a Fuel Molecules Accelerator and Alternator relief to optimise performance, you get the perfect compact system to give your car more power, torque and thrust throughout the rev range. It doesn't matter if you already have a chiptune installed or not. 

System installation is simple and can be done in 3 minutes for each tube. The various converters are clipped onto the cables and secured with cable ties.

What material is in the rubber?
(For proof that he's not going on about the magnet, watch the video)

Here, our distributors and customers can more easily understand what is happening inside and outside REF tubes.

The small blue tube wraps around the positive pole (red line) (current) or negative pole (black line) (electron flow) of the battery, allowing the electrons to rearrange themselves to reduce impedance and make the current flow smoother ((it can also wrap the oil). rail and oil supply pipe Metal oil supply pipe in the middle, power cable, locomotive oil supply pipe, water dispenser pipe, speaker cable... etc.))

To shrink fluid molecules or reduce impedance and current flow in cables, for example, high negative ion emission is required. To obtain this energy, infrared radiation from the engine is used. In simplified terms, it is a unique powder used in the space program (learn more) to accelerate negative ions mixed with different materials (silk, cotton, ceramics, porcelain clay, plastic, rubber, glass, etc.).

REF material reduces engine friction in fuel pressure pumps and filters, injectors, brake and suspension systems, and power steering because engine parts operate with less load. Due to the new power saved, the fuel pedal now does not need to be depressed as much. The power gained is best combined with a small amount of hho 7-22W to give the engine an even higher compression ratio and save a whopping 20-47% with HHO CHIP, depending on engine temperature and climate.

In cold countries with temperatures of -5/+19°C, to increase the performance of the REF tubes, we recommend covering the steel tubes, hoses or cables with pieces of lead before covering them with REF tubes and securing them with cable ties.

The ECU takes 5-15 km to recognize the new power. For HHO CHIP, we recommend pressing the reset button whenever you make minimal changes to the REF tubes or HHO gas settings and run 30-50km with new fuel savings and performance. Your engine is more sensitive to minimal setting changes, but the power and fuel economy increase is enormous.

We recommend keeping 20cm away from the human body for increased strength of REF tubes.

List of parts, for example:

4-cylinder DIESEL engine with individual fuel injectors - Big Tubes 4 pcs for the fuel filter, small tubes 6 pcs for injectors, 2 pcs for the battery and the roll of lead.

*HHO KIT and EFIE HHO CHIPs are not included.

For achieving the best results, we recommend using an HHO Kit with REF to reduce engine friction, together with an HHO chip.

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