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About Us - Europe´s Leader Company in All-In-One Plug-N-Play HHO Kits for cars.

"Meet HHO FACTORY, Ltd – Your Gateway to a Sustainable Automotive Future and Europe's leading manufacturer of all-in-one Plug-N-Play HHO Kits for cars.

Established in Ireland in 2018, we specialize in fuel-saving solutions, offering an average of 20-36% and up to 47% fuel savings with our innovative All-In-One HHO iX PREDATOR Generator Plug-N-Go Kits for petrol and diesel engines, while also reducing emissions.

Our commitment to research and development allows us to deliver advanced carbon emission reduction technologies to a global audience. Our Plug-N-Go kits provide up to 90% active HHO engine carbon cleaning, restoring fuel consumption, power, and performance—all without the need for a mechanic.

As leaders in the Hydrogen Fuel Movement, our mission is to educate the world on eco-friendly alternatives to harmful fossil fuels and present profitable business opportunities.

Our trailblazing HHO X-CELL HHO Generator Plug-N-Play Oxy-Hydrogen Kit streamlines the installation process with its 3-step, ready-to-assemble design, eliminating the need for complex HHO installations, PWMs, and ECU EFIE cheating devices. It's perfect for both modern and classic cars.

Drawing from years of experience in complex HHO installations, our innovative all-in-one Plug-N-Play hydrogen kit showcases HHO FACTORY, Ltd's dedication to technical excellence and adherence to industrial production standards."

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Save Fuel average 20-38% up to 47% with our HHO hydrogen Kit for cars, trucks buy HHO Kit Free Shipping