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HHO FACTORY, Ltd - Innovative manufacturer of  Plug-n-Play All-In-One HHO Kits - Ireland European Union 24/7/2018

Innovative Manufacturer of saving fuel up to 47% HHO Kit HHO iX PREDATOR Generator Plug-N-Go All-In-One Kits in Petrol and Diesel engines to reduce emissions. Research and development of practical hydrogen-based solutions amid heavy-duty applications.

We specialize in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace. Active HHO Engine Carbon Cleaning up to 90%, Restore fuel consumption, Restore power and performance. All-In-One Plug-N-Go User-friendly Ready-to-fit in a car, a truck without the help of a mechanic.

Our main goal is to lead the Hydrogen Fuel Movement and educate the world on vital alternatives to costly and harmful fossil fuels while offering lucrative business opportunities.

We developed a new HHO Kit HHO X-CELL HHO Generator Plug-N-Play Oxy-Hydrogen Kit, User-Friendly just ready-to-assemble with no need for HHO installation, no need for PWM, no need for ECU EFIE cheating device on all modern and classic cars in 3-steps and few minutes under the hood!

We have significant experience many years with complicated HHO installations of Hho Dry-Cell generators that need 4-8 hours for professional installation and complicated assembly with a mechanic's required assistance here in Ireland.

New revolutionary All-In-One Plug-N-Play tine Hydrogen kit with revolutionary design manufactured in Ireland by HHO FACTORY, Ltd is by the technical standards and industrial production.

The advantages of Plug-N-Play All-In-One Hydrogen Kit:

Plug-N-Play Hydrogen HHO kits are new innovative technology developed by HHO FACTORY, Ltd that meets the high needs of the Irish, English, French, Germans, Italians, Spaniards, Australians, Americans, Saudis to reduce their fuel or fuel bills. No required installation, no technical knowledge in mechanics and cost, a Hydrogen car kit can be mounted by oneself in all modern or classic vehicles. Once the All-In-One Plug-N-Play kit is ready to use in a few minutes, hydrogen is mixed with fuel by electrolysis and chemical reaction. A hydrogen and oxygen mixture is obtained, which is fed to the engine's combustion chamber through the intake, where the combustion hydrogen generates almost 100% fuel efficiency.

We developed a new modern HHO iX-Cell with cathode-anode technology of hydrogen kits, which has the advantage over other older already unsuitable solutions such as Dry Cell. It does not need neutral plates without hydrogen production anymore. This solution reduced the dimensions of the hydrogen body up to four times, and we also integrated a bubbler, a water tank and a water level sensor with the signalisation on the dashboard. In this way, we have eliminated the complex installations required for dry cell systems. In this way, we cleverly solved the complex installations needed for dry cell systems when there was no suitable room.

What are the benefits of the new innovated HHO iX-Cell 2021 technology?

> Increase engine power

> Acceleration of the response during acceleration

> Extending engine life

> Reduction of engine noise

> Reduction of CO, CO2, SOx and Nox emissions,

> Active removal of carbon deposit

HHO iX-Cell hydrogen kits, an environmentally friendly alternative to renewable energy, perfectly meet the requirements of today's companies to reduce air pollution and thus contribute to the development of a sustainable environment. A consumer who adopts this great hydrogen-producing technology for free will save the environment and pollute the environment less!

All-In-One Hydrogen HHO kits enhance combustion of fuel:

How does the Plug-N-Play hydrogen kit allow us to reduce fuel consumption? The engines work with pistons that move back and forth at a considerable speed, and when the piston returns, a void space is solved to suck air and fuel into the engine's combustion chamber. As the piston continues to run, the mixture of air and fuel is compressed, and when it is in the position of the spark plugs, the combustion of the mix is efficient. It is optimal in the engine that combustion only starts when the piston compression is at its maximum. However, in many engines, combustion begins too late, and fuel is not entirely consumed.

This lack of combustion is corrected by adding hydrogen to the fuel, increasing the octane and compressing the air/fuel mixture results in maximum fuel combustion. The HHO hydrogen kit optimises the combustion of any fuel, reducing CO, CO2, SOx and Nox emissions and carbon deposits associated with inefficient fuel combustion.

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Save Fuel up to 47% with our HHO hydrogen Kit for cars, trucks buy HHO Kit Free Shipping