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Premium Saving Fuel Diesel: Quantum Nano Engine Friction Reducer for Cars, Boats & Tractors

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QN-REF (Quantum Nano REF) Cover Tubes: Optimize Your Engine Without Magnets!

Are They Magnetic?
Simply put, no. Our QN-REF tubes have been crafted with cutting-edge technology, ensuring both performance and efficiency for your vehicle. For a deeper understanding, we offer a comprehensive video and product literature. Trust in real-world results from our satisfied customers. Dive into the QN-REF experience and see the difference firsthand!

Key Features:
- Ready in 5 Minutes: Unpack, install, and you're good to go.
- Say No to Engine Friction: Utilize cutting-edge ion technology previously used in space programs, reducing engine friction and optimizing fuel efficiency.
- How Does It Work?: These tubes emit negative ions, transforming the engine's infrared radiation. This process streamlines fuel flow, enhancing both combustion efficiency and power, while simultaneously reducing engine component friction.

QN REF Benefits:
- Unique Design: Experience a marked increase in your car's power and significant fuel savings.
- Engine Compression: Adding lead sheets can optimize engine compression, improving acceleration rates.
- For Diesels, Petrols: Diesel and petrol engines boast higher compression ratios than gasoline ones, meaning better fuel efficiency and longevity.

In a typical combustion engine, approximately 20-30% of the energy released from fuel is converted into mechanical energy that powers the vehicle. The remaining 70-80% of energy is lost, primarily in the form of heat that escapes through the exhaust, cooling system, and other engine components, or due to friction and other mechanical losses. These values can vary depending on the type and condition of the engine, driving habits, and other factors. However, with the integration of the Quantum Nano REF technology, a portion of this lost energy can be harnessed and utilized, enhancing the engine's efficiency and performance.

Why Choose REF for HHO KIT+HHO CHIP 1, 2, or 3?
- Durability: A perfect blend of noble ore and rubber ensures a product lifespan of 20-30 years.
- Performance: Experience an upswing of 5-15% in both performance and fuel economy.

Installation & Safety:
- Keep It Original: Your engine's dynamics receive a significant boost without altering its original components.
- Quick Setup: Each tube takes just 3 minutes to install with secure clip-on converters.
- Safety First: To ensure effective functionality, it's advisable to keep tubes at least 20cm away from the human body.

What's Inside?
The unique blue tube wraps either the positive or negative pole of your battery, facilitating smoother electron flow. This tube can also envelop various vehicle components, ensuring an all-rounded effect. The underlying magic? A special powder used in space programs, infused in materials like rubber, which when combined with your engine's infrared radiation, produces high negative ion emission.

Note: After making adjustments, an ECU requires about 5-15 km to adjust. Also, the HHO CHIP can be reset after minor changes to ensure optimal results.

Parts List (Example):
For a 4-cylinder DIESEL engine: 4 Big Tubes (fuel filter), 6 Small Tubes (injectors), 2 Tubes (battery), and a roll of lead.

*HHO KIT and EFIE HHO CHIPs are sold separately.

* Quantum Nano REF fuel tube covers, intended for the engine compartment, should be kept 20 cm away from the body for extended periods. For therapeutic benefits, use negative ions designed for wrist wear, such as those in a rubber bracelet.

Please note that the preferential pricing offered does not include technical support. For dedicated assistance, support can be purchased separately at our website:

For achieving the best results, we recommend using an HHO Kit with REF to reduce engine friction click here, together with an HHO chip click here.

For more knowledge please watch videos at