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Smart Relay Control system DC6-80v 20A/30VDC or 30A-250VAC

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Smart Relay With and Water Level Control DC6-80v 20A/30VDC or 30A-250VAC

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The voltage controller uses an LCD display, procedures for intelligent control, to achieve the voltage control function, voltmeter functions, battery charger, discharge, etc. In case of any printing or translation error, we apologize for the inconvenience.


Voltmeter display range: DC 0-99.9 V Voltage detection error: ± 0.1V

Working current: 8mA/24V (relay open, LCD display OFF about 4mA/24V ); 58mA/24V(relay close)

Operating Power: DC6~80V

Relay parameters:

A set of conversions (normally open and normally closed, NO/NC)

Contact load: NO: 30A/30V DC NC: DC6-80v 20A/30VDC or 30A-250VAC

Attention: Because of high voltage DC electric arc damages relay contact, the electric load above

The DC60V load current is less than 10A.

Contact resistance: ≤ 100mΩ (1A 6VDC)

Mechanical durability: 10 million Electricity durability: > 100,000 (20A)

Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 50°C. Shortened service life and destruction at 85°C.

Set display off; the minimum current value is 4mA/24V (relay open)

The pre-set parameters can be saved after the power is off.

Attention: Do not reverse input voltage polarity! Use this product to control the high-voltage electrical equipment must electrical professionals operate, high voltage danger!

Connect to power, LED display voltage values by detect from “voltage” and “GND” Interface ( Figure 1), short press “SET” button to set, the value to be set flashing, press the “ENTER” button can make the set value from 0 to 9 increasing circulation, first to be set are the upper limit voltage values, short press “SET” three times, the second group is set the lower limit voltage values, voltage lower limit values settings could not exceed the upper limit values, (if the lower limit values cannot be set, please set the upper limit values higher first), short press SET button to enter the third set of values for the voltage correction, the default is 0, set the range of 0.5 ~ + 0.5V, the fourth set of values for the digital tube automatically goes off time, such as "dl0 means LED display ON all the time, "dl9" means LED display off after nine minutes, next group values is “ON H/ON L”, set to “ON H” means the relay will close when detect values exceed the upper limit until below the lower limit, set to “ON L” means the relay will close when detecting values below the lower limit until exceed the upper. Press “SET” to complete the settings, the LED display is no longer flashing, the system enters a voltage detection control state when detecting the voltage exceeds the upper limit value (set “ON H”), the relay closes (normally open on, normally close off), the relay does not open until the voltage drops below the lower limit preset. If the pre-set voltage upper and lower limits values are set to the same, such as 12.0V, when the controller detects voltage values at 12.0 fluctuations may cause the relay contact frequent action, We recommend setting the voltage to maintain the difference between the upper and lower limits. Detecting voltage condition, short press the” ENTER” can display the state of the relay closing time (decimal point right flashing means timing) when the relay release time stops, when the relay closes again will re-timing, long press “ENTER” for 3 seconds to reset values. Note: The detection voltage terminal access to reliable, and has not lost wiring、around the circuit board, not insulation, which may lead to the induced voltage detection values is not accurate.

14 days warranty.

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