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HHO FACTORY, Ltd - Ireland European Union 24/7/2018

Innovative Manufacture of HHO Kit HHO X-CELL Generator Plug-N-Go All-In-One Zero-Emission Hydrogen Kits for Petrol, Diesel engines to reduce emissions. Research and development of practical hydrogen based solution, amid for heavy duty applications. Specializing in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace. Active HHO Engine Carbon Cleaning up to 90%, Restore fuel consumption, Restore power and performance. All-In-One Plug-N-Go User-friendly Ready-to-fit in a car, a truck without the help of a mechanic.

Keep it simple smart; What works in computer programming, works with our systems. The goal is always the same: Keep things to a maximized minimum complexity, maximal performance, with lowest or non-maintenance in mind. 

Now our main goal is to lead the Hydrogen Fuel Movement and to educate the world on vital alternatives to costly and harmful fossil fuels while offering lucrative business opportunities.

We developed new HHO Kit HHO X-CELL HHO Generator Plug-N-Play Oxy-Hydrogen Kit which is User-Friendly really just ready-to-assemble with no need HHO installation, no need PWM, no need ECU EFIE cheating device on all modern and classic cars in 3-steps and few minutes under the hood!

We have big experience with difficult HHO installations of Hho Dry-Cell generators which need 4-8 hours time for professional installation and very difficult assembly with the required assistance of mechanic here in Ireland.

Our revolutionary All-In-One Hydrogen Generators are designed and manufactured in Ireland in our HHO FACTORY, Ltd Company in accordance with the technical standards and industrial production of such products.  

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CRO number: 630880, VAT number: IE3556217IH